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Fall 2023 Shidler Business Major Application

1. Deadlines
2. Eligibility to apply
3. What decision you might receive (initial admission status)
4. Optional: Information on summer session I at UH Manoa
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Priority Deadline: March 1, 2023. Applications submitted by this deadline will be evaluated and notified of admission status before the start of the Fall 2023 registration period.

Final Deadline*: April 1, 2023. Applications submitted between the priority deadline and this final deadline will be evaluated, but may not receive an initial decision before the start of the Fall 2023 registration period.

Applications submitted after April 1, 2023 may be considered for Fall 2023 admission (a petition would be required); an initial decision will not be returned before Spring 2023 grades post.

Eligibility for Fall 2023 admission

1. Current UH Manoa degree-seeking undergraduates must do the following:

  1. meet all admission requirements (or be completing them in Spring 2023^)
  2. Complete and submit this form (i.e, go the bottom of this page and click "Next Page" and complete the form) by the deadline

2. Applicants who are not current degree-seeking students at UH Manoa must do the following:

  1. submit an application to UH Manoa for Fall 2023,
  2. submit an application to Shidler for Fall 2023 (below) by the deadline, and
  3. meet all admission requirements by the end of the Spring 2023 semester^,

Transfer students should have already received an offer of acceptance from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa Office of Admissions, prior to completing the Shidler admissions application that begins on the bottom of this page. Students who have not been accepted by UH Manoa Admissions will not receive a Shidler decision. 


Initial Admission Status

You will be notified of your admission status via email to your UH email account. 

PENDING:  Student meets the cumulative and pre-business core GPA requirements at the time application is submitted, and is currently enrolled in remaining pre-business core courses.

  • Students will be able to register for 300+ level business courses for the upcoming semester
  • Students are required to register for and complete BUS 310 and 311 within 1st semester (with a C- grade or higher; ACC majors must complete BUS 311 with a "C" grade or higher) as a Shidler student, unless already completed.
  • If a student initially given a status of "pending" does not complete their admissions requirements after Spring 2023 semester grades are posted (e.g., receives a "C-" or below in a Spring 2023 pre-business course), the student would be dropped from all 300+ level business courses for Fall 2023, would have their major changed back to their pre-business major, and would not be allowed to re-register for upper-level business courses.

Unable to Offer Admission:  Student does not meet the cumulative and/or pre-business core GPA at the time application is submitted, and/or has not completed or enrolled in remaining pre-business courses.

  • The student will not be able to register for 300+ level business courses. 
  • If the student meets all admission requirements after semester grades are evaluated, they would be eligible to receive an updated admissions letter and clearance to register for business courses, at that time.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Applicants must fulfill all admission requirements prior to being admitted to the Shidler College of Business. (Students with "Incomplete" grades cannot be admitted to the Shidler College of Business; any Incomplete grades must be resolved to a final grade prior to admission.)

Only one application (click the button at the bottom of the page) is necessary; please do not submit multiple applications.

^OPTIONAL: Summer Session I at UH Manoa

Fall 2023 applicants have the option of enrolling in a Summer Session I course at UH Manoa to fulfill a remaining admission requirement(s) and still be eligible for consideration for Fall 2023 admission to Shidler, but they must peotition for this to be allowed for their application.

Complete this linked GOOGLE SUMMER FORM if you are planning to enroll in summer 2023 to fulfill any remaining admission requirements.

Conditions: (1) Students intending to use this option must complete both the Shidler Fall 2023 application (below) by the April 1 deadline as well as submit the Google Summer Form (link, above) (2) Summer courses taken outside of Manoa (for example, at a Community College), or during Summer Session II*, will not be eligible for Fall 2023 admission. (3) Summer courses taken at a UH System Community College WILL NOT be accepted for Fall 2023, as summer grades will not be officially posted in STAR until August. (4) You must be logged onto your UH Gmail account to access the form; requests for access to the form will not be granted. (5) Students using this "summer option" to take Summer Session I courses for Fall 2023 admission will NOT be eligible for the Shidler Global Leaders Program, as applicants for that program must be officially admitted to Shidler by May 31st (Summer Session I ends on June 30). (5) Students allowed to take summer classes to count toward fall 2023 admission would not have a final admission decision until we review your Summer Session I grade(s).

ACC 210 in Summer Session II (one-time exception)

Normally, we only accept Summer Session I courses for fall admission consideration; however, we were informed only one section of ACC 210 will be offered in summer 2023, and it will likely be in summer session II. If you need ACC 210, you may take it in summer session II and still qualify for fall admission. however, there are still some caveats:
(1) ACC 210 must be the only admissions requirement you take in summer session II (e.g., if you need both ECON 131 and ACC 210 to qualify fr admission, you must take the ECON 131 in session I)
(2) You cannot take ACC 200 in session I and ACC 210 in session II and still qualify for fall admission. This one-time session II exception is only for that student who just needs to take ACC 210 in summer as their last requirement; it is not meant to allow students needing the entire ACC sequence to apply.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Please contact if you have any questions.

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