Mission and Vision

We are an academic community achieving international excellence in business education, research, and practice utilizing Hawai‘i’s unique multicultural and geographical advantages.

Mission Strategic Concepts

Academic community – We are a community of scholars, learners, and practitioners. We value each other, our different cultures, our interactions, the knowledge we exchange, and a sense of belonging and mutual commitment. We create knowledge that informs our teaching and improves practice.

International excellence – Our striving for excellence has propelled us to be a business school of choice with an Asia-Pacific focus. Knowledge seekers come to learn; employers seek our graduates; academics come to join in our research and training initiatives; and the broader community values our counsel.

Hawai‘i’s unique multicultural and geographical advantages – We leverage Hawai‘i’s environment for creating and disseminating knowledge. Our environment reflects not only the Hawaiian culture, but also the cultures of our Asian and Pacific neighbors and is therefore inviting to them. Our location provides convenient access. Our location also enables us to see the importance of sustainability, and offers a laboratory to work towards it. We leverage the University’s linguistic and scientific competencies, and the expertise of our Asia-Pacific colleagues in other Hawai‘i-based organizations.