Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to take classes in the evening?

Most undergraduate courses are normally held during the day. However, Outreach College (956-8400) may have fall, winter, spring, and summer accelerated evening sessions which offer primarily General Education Courses and upper-division Arts & Sciences courses.

Can I take my business courses for credit/no credit (CR/NC)?

All BBA degree-seeking candidates must take all the general education and graduation courses, business courses, and courses in the major for a letter grade unless it is only offered CR/NC (i.e. BUS 395-Internship course).

Can I graduate with a BBA degree with honors?

Yes, if you join the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Honors Program to earn a BBA degree with honors distinction.

Does the College provide internship opportunities?

Yes, Shidler College of Business has an internship program which can provide academic credits. Internships are structured so that students can apply their classroom knowledge to a practical work setting. Students should visit the Office of Internships and Career Development in BusAd G-104 for more information.

Note: Students may not use internship credit as credit toward their major. However, up to three credits may be used as general upper-division elective credit. Students may also check the Career Center in QLCSS 212 for internship opportunities or visit:

Does The Shidler College of Business award any scholarships?

There are many scholarships/awards available to classified Shidler College of Business students. Scholarship opportunities are announced in the Shidler Undergraduate E-Newsletter. Applications and information are made available on-line during the application period. Students can visit the Shidler scholarship and the Business Night websites below. For all UH scholarship opportunities, students can check their STAR scholarship tab.

Shidler College of Business:

Business Night:


Can I take business courses at any accredited University of Hawaii System Community College or School (e.g. Kapiolani Community College, Maui College, UH Hilo, etc.) and transfer them to The Shidler College of Business?

Most 100 and 200-level courses will transfer from the various accredited Hawaii institutions.

Note: A maximum of 6 credits, or two upper division (300-400-level) business courses from a non-AACSB institution, will transfer to the Shidler BBA degree program.

Students can refer to the following for guidance:

UH Manoa Articulation and Transfer Guide: UH System Course Transfer Database

Is advising available for students interested in The Shidler College of Business?

Yes. Please call (808) 956-8215 to schedule an appointment with our Admissions Advisor.

Can I declare a double major at the Shidler College of Business?

Yes. After students have been admitted to the Shidler College of Business, to qualify for a double major, students (at the time of declaration) must simultaneously have:

  • A minimum UHM cumulative grade-point average of 3.0
  • Taken at least one required course within each major and have a minimum of 3.0 within each major.

Note: Students may only double count ONE course between two majors.

How does advising work once admitted to The Shidler College of Business?

Academic advisors at The Shidler College of Business Office of Student Academic Services assist students with program planning and course selection, learning university policies and procedures, fulfilling graduation requirements in a timely manner, explaining transfer credits and study abroad information and other educational opportunities, resources and options. Students should consult their advisors on a regular basis to monitor their academic status and progress toward degree completion.

In the first semester of admission, all Shidler College of Business students are required to attend a group Mandatory Advising session which will cover all graduation requirements and Shidler College of Business resources. Students may also make an individual appointment with their academic advisor by calling (808) 956-8215.