Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship


Student must be accepted and enrolled part-time or full-time in a University of Hawaii graduate degree program and be in good academic standing.

Academic Requirements

15 Credit Hours

Required Courses (1 of 3, additional courses can count as electives):

  • New Venture Management (MGT 645)
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship (MGT 651)
  • Asian/Pacific Entrepreneurship (MGT 681)

Required Culminating Experience Courses (1 of 2):

  • Internships (BUS 695)
  • MBA Consulting Practicum (BUS 696)

Elective Courses* include:

  • Entrepreneurial Finance (FIN 641)
  • Electronic Commerce (ITM 685)
  • High Growth Entrepreneurship (LAW 560/MGT 650)
  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Clinic (LAW 590D)
  • Family Business (MGT 450)
  • New Venture Management (MGT 645)
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship (MGT 651)
  • Imagination, Entrepreneurship and Business Problem-Solving (MKT 411B)
  • Creativity in Marketing (MKT 656)
  • Marketing in the Information Age (MKT 658)
  • New Venture Marketing (MKT 690A)

*Other courses that are relevant to the area of entrepreneurship must be approved as electives by the Dean. Requests for course substitutions should be made in writing to the certificate program director. 

To inquire, complete the inquiry form online

For questions related to this certificate, contact:
Professor John E. Butler
Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship Program Director

Marc Endrigat
Graduate Office of Student Academic Services
Phone: (808) 956-8266