Travel Scholarships

Program Requirements

  • Currently enrolled as a Shidler Undergraduate student (including both BBA and BS/TIM students)
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Application form with accompanying documents and estimated expense report
  • Interview
  • Shidler International Business Organization (IBO) active member (or active membership upon return)
  • Attend a mandatory photo shoot in formal business attire and pre-departure briefing
  • Maintain a blog site while abroad; posting experiences/observations every other week
  • Take 3 business courses while abroad (TIM students are required 3 TIM courses); earning a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • At the end of the semester, submit a final expense report and a narrative report of your study abroad experience
  • Upon return, share study abroad experiences:
    • as a mentor to students interested in studying abroad
    • by assisting at the IBO Passport Fair
    • provide a presentation for the donor and future scholars

Fall 2022 application deadlines:

  • Priority deadline: March 31, 2022; applications received by this deadline will be reviewed first;
  • Final deadline: April 29, 2022; applications received by this deadline will be reviewed after priority applications;
  • Late applications: will be accepted until May 20, 2022, but are not guaranteed to be reviewed.

How to Apply for Travel Scholarships

  1. Complete Student Scholarship Application Form

    Scholarship Application Form

    Please access the application thru the appropriate link above for the semester(s) that you plan on studying abroad. Be sure to fill in all necessary information and print-out and sign before submitting your electronic application form.

    Incomplete applications will be ineligible for further review. A complete application packet includes Parts 1 through 5.

  2. Complete Preliminary Travel Expenses Sheet

    Preliminary Travel Expenses Sheet

    The report will detail how the students plan to use their funds while abroad, including airfare, medical insurance, clothing and personal hygiene items. Also included in the report will be any additional funding the student might receive from other scholarships.
  3. Complete Preliminary Courses Form

    Preliminary Courses Form*

    Shidler Partner Schools, please refer to Shidler's partner schools' course equivalencies.

    *For BBA students, as long as the courses listed on your form are from the Shidler partner school equivalency website, an advisor signature is not required.  The only signature required is the student signature.  If selected for a scholarship, a signed form will be returned to you at that time.

    TIM Partner Schools, please refer to TIM Partner Schools and course equivalencies.
  4. Résumé
    Candidates should provide a current résumé, which includes involvement in student clubs, community service, internships and work experience.

  5. Academic Plan
    In consultation with their academic advisor, candidates must provide a copy of their academic plan reflecting progress towards graduation, proposed courses they plan to take at their host university, and their projected graduation semester.

Submit an Electronic Copy of your complete Application packet to