Custom Programs

Shidler College Executive Education Center also offers customized educational solutions and services individually designed to respond to particular business drivers.

Approach 1- Company Classroom Experience

All Shidler Open Enrollment offerings can be presented within an organization with a minimum of turnaround time. We are happy to bring our programs and instructors to your company’s location, host you at our Executive Learning facility or at the offsite training facility of your choice.


  • Enhanced Interest and Retention – Content is presented and discussed within the culture, practices and experience of your company, making it specific to the needs and interests of the audience.
  • Cost Effective – Standardized per day costs with lower cost per participant.
  • Immediate Impact – When your employees learn as a team, networks are strengthened and expertise can be shared across the organization.
  • Relevant Examples – Proprietary information can be leveraged and used as actionable case studies.
  • Time Sensitive – Programs are delivered based on your timetable, and at the location of your choosing.

Approach 2- Tailored Corporate Solutions

The Shidler Executive Education team is also prepared to design unique training programs with customized content and instruction to meet your individual corporate needs and challenges.


  • Powerful, highly targeted learning experience
  • Qualified, experienced, industry experts and faculty as instructors
  • Industry-specific instructional materials, case studies and activities
  • Cost saving
  • Create common processes and language among employees
  • Enhanced understanding of strategy and planning knowledge
  • Link key business drivers with professional growth

Program Areas

  • Leadership
  • Financial Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Business Communication and Negotiation
  • Team Building
  • Talent Management
  • Organization Development
  • Marketing and Sales Management

Our results-oriented training programs are developed specially to address the needs of your individual organization, the demands of your industry and your market.

For more information, please contact the Executive Education Center at 956-8135 or email