International Exchange Programs

Globe and passportThe University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa provides a multitude of opportunities to study abroad through partnerships with renown international schools around the world. The Shidler College of Business encourages its students to take advantage of these opportunities to explore diverse business practices and experience different cultures in order to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today’s global business world.

The opportunity to study business in Europe or Asia will help students to expand their perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of business and economics. Experiencing life and learning while studying abroad is a life-changing opportunity.

Learn more by visiting the UH Mānoa International Exchange Office (MIX) and the UHM Study Abroad Center (see "Student Life"). Then, meet with a Shidler academic advisor to discuss how studying abroad will fit into your academic plan. To make an appointment, please contact the Office of Student Academic Services in BusAd B-101 or call (808) 956-8215.

In addition to the programs offered through the UH Mānoa Study Abroad Center, the following Shidler programs are also available:

Asian Field Study

Shidler usually offers two Asian Field Study courses - a summer 10-week, 6 credit course (BUS 477/677) which includes three weeks in Asia, and a variable credit course (BUS 476/676), which includes a required preparatory course (BUS 475/675) followed by one to three weeks in Asia. Students visit companies, factories, economic agencies, and government offices to learn more about organizational structure, government policies, and international competition and their effect on these units. Classes are held on campus before and after the field study. BUS 475/476/477 are approved international business electives. International business, entrepreneurship, and management electives, and BUS 675/676/677 qualify for the entrepreneurship certificate. Consult with your academic advisor to determine applicability. Scholarships are available on a competitive basis to help defray costs.

Shidler College International Exchange Agreements

Shidler students can apply to study abroad at several partner schools overseas. In most cases, business courses are offered in English and language training is available. Also, host schools often plan instructional excursions for visiting students. Host school tuition is waived for those enrolled in IS 099/ BUS 667. Scholarship assistance is available on a competitive basis to help defray travel costs. The student must make their own travel arrangements and coordinate their housing requests directly with the partner university. For more information, contact the Office of Student Academic Services in BusAd B-101 or call (808) 956-8215.