Asian Field Study - Student Information


The 2019 Asian Field Study (AFS) is designed for students interested in international business. It consists of preparatory classes and an onsite trip to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Ho Chi Minh City (subject to change). Students will enroll in the 6-credit full version (BUS 477 or BUS 677).

The course may count toward one or two of the following: IB elective, IB major elective, entrepreneurship major elective, upper division elective, or management elective for BBA students, entrepreneurship certificate for graduate students, and PAMI international management certificate (consult with your academic advisor for applicability).

Below is a summary of the planned program offering. Note that the dates, focus, and content are subject to change.

Online Application

  • The 2019 Application deadline: March 23, 2019
  • Have your passport on hand when filling in the application.  If you don't have a valid passport, apply for one immediately.
  • Online application - due by March 23, 2019.

Geographic Focus

While the overall Asia-Pacific region will be covered, in 2019 specific emphasis will be given to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and Korea.

Tentative In-Class Schedule

Tuesday classes will be done online using the Zoom platform. Saturday classes will be face-to-face at Shidler.

Session Date Day Topic Pre-Reading Assignment
1 May 21 Tues
6 - 9 pm
1) Asian Corporate Analysis: An Equity Approach with case study
2) Country Analysis Methods: Economy, trade and comparative advantage, sovereign risk and industrial policy
3) Japan Export Model
Lecture Notes and pre-lecture material and readings
2 & 3 May 25 Sat
9 - 4pm
1) Asian Corporate and Country Analysis Cases 
2) Guest Speakers on:
a) Economies of Asia,
b) Equity investing,
c) Asian business/industry in Healthcare, Hotels, Internet, Airlines, Restaurants and Finance
Guest speaker pre-lecture material and readings
4 May 28 Tues
6 - 9 pm
1) Asian Foreign Exchange Markets and Risk Hedging
2) Student equity pitches
Lecture Notes
Due: Individual Corporate Equity Analysis and Pitch
5 June 4 Tues
6 - 9 pm
1) Identifying new venture businesses in Asia
2) Asian Commercial real estate analysis and investing
Lecture Notes
6 June 11 Tues
6 - 9 pm
1) Asian Commercial real estate continued with class exercise
2) Pre-trip preparation and planning discussions
7 June 18 Tues 
6 - 9pm
Student Group Country Analysis Presentations Due: Group Country Presentation PowerPoint and Summary Write-up
8 & 9 June 22 Sat
9 - 4pm
1) Student presentations providing pre-trip information on companies and institutions to be visited
2) Guest Speakers on:
a) Military/Defense Trends in Asia/Pacific
b) Asian business/industry in Hotels, Healthcare, Airlines, Restaurants and Finance.
3) Quiz
Due: Individual Presentation and Write-up covering site visit Industry and Company 
Guest speaker pre-lecture material and readings 
10 July 23 Tues
6 - 9 pm
1) Overall Trip Takeaways and 
2) Student Presentations on company/industry visit conclusions
11 & 12 July 27 Sat 
9 - 4pm
1) Individual Student Project Presentations
2) Quiz
Due: Individual Presentation PowerPoint and Summary Write-up

Onsite Trip (tentative 2019 Schedule)

  • Depart Honolulu – June 23 (Sun)
  • Tokyo – June 24 (Mon) to June 29 (Sat)
  • Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou – June 30 (Sun) to July 7 (Sun)
  • Ho Chi Minh City – July 8 (Mon) to July 13 (Sat)
  • Return to Honolulu via Seoul, Korea– July 14 (Sun)


The estimated program registration fee $5,800, which includes airfare originating from Honolulu (Neighbor island or other origin is extra); ground, lodging based on double occupancy and breakfast while onsite in Asia. Other meals and incidentals are excluded. Trip cost excludes tuition. Participating students must also register for courses through the UH Outreach College (BUS 477 or BUS 677 for the 6-credit version) and pay the applicable credit hours.


9-14 Scholarships covering between $1,500 and $5,000 have been generously donated from the following sources. Complete the applicable questions in the online application to be eligible for these scholarships.

  • Freeman Foundation
  • Ralph S. Inouye Co., Ltd.
  • David T. Pietsch
  • Ulrike and Toufiq Siddiqi

Program Objectives

The objective of the Asian Field Study program is to prepare students for business careers and the pursuit of venture opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region.  This is accomplished by studying key regional market trends, industries and corporations, improving language skills, learning management strategies and adapting to unique cultures and business practices.

The program exposes students to diverse and relevant Asian business environments, utilizing academic theory, financial analysis, case studies and business models as a framework for real-world experiences, consisting of site visits, Q&A sessions with business executives and direct in-country research. Diversity is emphasized by mixing economies at varying stages of development, as well as specific site visits from a variety of industries and firm types. Emphasis is given to industries with synergies to the Hawaii economy such as tourism, healthcare, real estate/construction, financial services, entertainment, transportation, and internet commerce.

Target Participants and Prerequisites

The size of the group has been targeted at 20-25 students. The 2019 AFS is expected to be comprised of DL-EMBA (including healthcare track), MBA, BBA, and non-business majors. Selection will be based on criteria contained in the application and meeting the following prerequisites:

  • UHM BBA and MBA Students (priority given to those with 1st-year business core completed)
  • UH System-wide undergraduate and graduate students from any discipline (priority is given to those with 1st-year major core completed)
  • Overall 3.0 GPA, major 3.0 GPA
  • Medical clearance to travel abroad
  • Successful completion of the preparatory pre-trip course in order to participate in the onsite trip


  • Application Due Date (March 23, 2019)
  • Acceptance Notification (March 29, 2019)
  • Payment Due and Passports Collected (by April 12, 2019)