Shidler alumnus Kai Galli secures career with the Federal Deposit Insurance Company (FDIC)

Kai Galli
Kai Galli

Shidler alumnus Kai Galli (BBA 2017) joined the Federal Deposit Insurance Company (FDIC) Miami region, as a financial institution specialist in March 2018.

The FDIC is a federal agency that insures deposits in banks and thrift institutions in the United States and foreign countries.

After completing a 12-week summer internship with FDIC in his junior year of college, Galli passed an assessment that enabled him to be hired by the FDIC after he graduated. With this new position, Galli will undergo a rigorous four-year training program. When he completes his fourth year of training and passes the final technical evaluation exam, Galli will become a certified banker.

Galli enjoys working for the FDIC not only because he receives exceptional, professional training, but because there are numerous opportunities he would not experience working for other organizations.

“The FDIC is a great initial job to have out of college,” said Galli. “You receive a competitive salary and all your travel expenses are paid for. Lastly, there are many different career opportunities to pursue at the FDIC.”

Galli intends to continue working for the FDIC’s international branch at the end of his training.

Galli graduated in 2017 with a BBA in international business and finance and was a member of the UH Mānoa sailing team.

Tips from Kai

If you are interested in working/interning with the FDIC, here are a few tips from Kai Galli:

  • The summer internship program and its requirements are posted in October/November. Make sure to apply with at least one semester remaining before you graduate. The internship program is the easiest way for students to enter the FDIC, otherwise one will have to apply with the general population as college graduates.
  • The internship application process is long and requires students to complete a federal resume. Complete the application as soon as it is open since sometimes it is only open for one week.
  • Most students are given a phone interview after they submit their application. This involves four to five questions in which applicants have the opportunity to talk for 8-10 minutes during each question. Research the phone interview process. Past applicants have posted their interview experience from prior years, so be prepared with responses if a similar question comes up in the interview. Also, having a story/example for each question is essential.
  • Some of the qualities that the FDIC looks for in the interview process and on the job are: working in groups, taking initiative, creating reports/projects as a team, organizational skills (multitasking), interpersonal skills, criticizing your work, financial/data analysis. Prepare multiple examples pertaining to each one of these qualities before the phone interview.