ACC 583 Cost Accounting (5)

Information for managerial decision-making, planning and control, job order and process costing, direct and absorption costing, standard and normal cost systems. Will also cover Government and Not-for-profit topics. A-F only.

This course in management accounting covers methods used in reporting information for decision making in both service and manufacturing companies. Its primary objectives are:

  1. to enable the student to turn accounting data into information useful in the management process;
  2. to increase the understanding of the role of accounting in management;
  3. to add to the knowledge of cost accounting techniques and concepts;
  4. and, to develop the student?s ability to communicate this knowledge effectively in a business environment.

Topics covered include cost estimation, pricing, and profitability; job-order, process, and activity based costing; preparation and analysis of operating, production, financial, and capital budgets; proportional allocation of joint and support department costs; tactical decision making; the analysis of budget performance, and production variances; and, analyses for performance evaluation.