2015-2016 Freeman Scholars

Fall 2015 Scholars

Anton Aberg

Anton Aberg

Marketing & International Business | National University of Singapore, Singapore

“I hope to contribute my international experience and perspective, which has been shaped by my youth in Sweden, and built upon by my academic and cultural experience in Hawai‘i and the United States.”

Blog: http://aaaberg.tumblr.com

Sally Chan

Yin Ting (Sally) Chan

Marketing & International Business | Seoul National University, Korea

“From my experiences abroad, I hope to learn more about the Korean culture and its people, in addition to expanding my knowledge and global perspective of businesses in South Korea.”

Blog: https://seoulsally.wordpress.com/

Shiraz Dole

Shiraz Dole

Economics & Finance | Fudan University, China

“Studying abroad in China will expose me to new ideologies and beliefs that will improve my understanding of how business is conducted internationally.”

Blog: http://shirazdole.tumblr.com/

Ryoji Iguchi

Ryoji Iguchi

Finance | Keio University, Japan

“By attending prestigious Keio University, I hope to gain a greater depth of global knowledge and understanding about business practices for my long-term career success. During this valuable study abroad experience, I plan to enhance my cross-cultural skills by interacting and networking with people from Japan."

Blog: https://teekeio.wordpress.com/

Amy Lau

Amy Lau

Management & Human Resource Management | Yonsei University, Korea

“Living in South Korea will challenge me to adapt to the norms of a completely different environment. Through my travels and interactions abroad, I hope to learn and apply newfound experiences onto my future endeavors.”

Blog: http://amyningfultime.tumblr.com/

Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee

Accounting & Management | Yonsei University, Korea

“Studying in Korea will be an exciting experience through an exchange of cultures and an exposure to a different business perspective.”

Blog: http://seoulost.weebly.com/

Nils Schuhmann

Nils Schuhmann

Finance, Management & International Business | National University of Singapore, Singapore

“By studying abroad I hope to be able to take advantage of the great connections that the Shidler College of Business has to offer, widen my horizon and improve my cultural awareness.”

Blog: http://uhmtonus.tumblr.com/

Stanley Su

Stanley Su

Finance & International Business | Sophia University, Japan

“Being able to attend Sophia University in Japan will provide me with new cultural experiences and help to expand my global business perspective. This experience will be incomparable and I’m ready to embrace the exciting learning opportunities that come my way!”

Blog: http://stanleysusophiau.tumblr.com/

Lilylynn Tran

Lilylynn Tran

Business(DAP) | Seoul National University, Korea

“I hope to gain a better understanding of the Asian business world and culture, in a nation that I am not familiar with, so that I am able to truly challenge myself and not only enhance my growth as a individual but also as a professional.”

Blog: http://searchforseoul.tumblr.com

Crysta Yoshioka

Crysta Yoshioka

Marketing & International Business | Sogang University, Korea

“I believe that my experience in South Korea will force me out of my comfort zone to grow as a person and allow me to cultivate a deeper, more personal, understanding of Korean culture.”

Blog: http://hawaiiseoul.tumblr.com/

Spring 2016 Scholars

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Kai Aratani

Finance, Management, & International Business | Hitotsubashi University, Japan

“In Japan, I hope to create more future opportunities for myself and I want to offer help to future students who study abroad. With hard work, I hope to acquire great internships and meet successful people who will allow me to create a better perspective of life and success."

Blog: http://aratanik.tumblr.com/

Troy Chong

Troy Chong

Finance, International Business, & Korean | Korea University, Korea

"By studying abroad in Korea, I hope to gain a global perspective and learn about Korean business practices. I also hope to be exposed to a rich culture all while improving my networking and hopefully making some long lasting connections with the Korean country."

Blog:  http://troyatku.weebly.com/

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Joshua Domingo

Management Information Systems | Seoul National University, Korea

“I am thrilled to travel to Korea because I have the chance to learn and connect with other students abroad to better my understanding in International Business activities."

Blog: https://ablackandwhitekorea.wordpress.com

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Michelle Felipe

Entrepreneurship & International Business | Yonsei University, Korea

"I hope to broaden my global awareness both academically and personally by immersing myself in a culture different from my own. I hope to utilize my academic goal of studying abroad to improve my knowledge of business and networking in Asia."

Blog: http://seoul-surfer-meesh.weebly.com

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Colton Goza

Finance & International Business | Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan

"By studying at Kwansei Gakuin University, I will be able to differentiate my Japanese language speaking abilities, gain a more unique understanding of Kansai business practices and gain deeper cultural insights regarding Western Japan."

Blog: http://coltongoza.tumblr.com/

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Eric Hernandez

Management & International Business | Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

“Studying in Thailand will provide me with the opportunity to be fully immersed in a culture completely new to me. The education and personal growth I hope to gain will better position me to succeed in this ever-changing global marketplace."

Blog: ericthailand.tumblr.com

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Anny Lum

Accounting & Finance | Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong, China

“This opportunity of studying abroad in Hong Kong is a great gateway for me to improve my knowledge on Chinese culture as well as expanding my language skills. I would also like to experience and broaden my knowledge of international business affairs."

Blog: annylum.weebly.com

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Nicole Oka

Finance, International Business, & Japanese | Keio University, Japan

"Ichi-go, ichi-e. This Japanese proverb means "one opportunity, one encounter," meaning that no two occurrences are the same, even when with the same people or in the same place. I hope to have my own ichi-go ichi-e experiences in Japan."

Blog: http://nippon-nikki.tumblr.com

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Alexis Panoncillo

Management & Marketing | Keio University, Japan

"I hope to broaden my horizons both professionally and culturally by networking with business professionals internationally, gaining a global perspective in management and marketing, and perpetuating my native Hawaiian culture and adapting to Japanese society."