Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Night?

Business Night is a unique learning experience that pairs members of Hawaii's business community with students from the College of Business Administration. This one-on-one situation gives students the opportunity to interact with professionals and learn more about their field of interest.

How can I receive a Business Night award?

Students may be nominated for a business night award by faculty or staff members, other students, or even by themselves. To nominate someone/yourself for a Business Night award, please complete the Business Night Nomination Form by February 9, 2018. To be eligible to receive a Business Night award, students must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA for both undergraduate and graduate students. 

What happens if I don't get all materials in by the deadline?

If all of your materials are not received by deadline, your application will be given last priority.

Do I get to choose my mentor?

No. Your mentors are assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

How is my mentor assigned to me?

Mentors are assigned based on the following:

The date and time that you complete the registration form and submit payment. Therefore, the earlier you register, the better your opportunity of getting a mentor in the field of your first choice.

There is a limited amount of mentors in each major. If your first choice is unavailable, your second and third choice will be considered as an alternative.

When will I know who my mentor is?

You will receive an email approximately two weeks prior to Business Night with information regarding the mentor you will be paired with for the evening.

How will I meet my mentor at Business Night?

It is essential that you contact your mentor soon after receiving your confirmation letter to arrange a specific meeting place and time at Business Night. If you are unable to reach your mentor, please call 956-6926.